10 Creative Tech Ideas for Events

It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of list with creative tech ideas and I’ve had a bunch of ideas floating around. Everything from small touches at an event to big ideas – today, I’m sharing it all! Feel free to use and let me know how it works for you.

  • People hate nametags. Make them a little more interesting by including Twitter handles and a funny hobby or talking point in addition to name/company.
  • Give away prizes for the most influential people at your event. This could be based on in-person and/or social interaction with your brand.
  • Rather than just sharing long videos from your sessions, cut them into bite sized chunks and share over time. Then, grab great quotes and create shareable images for Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Get your attendees to take a photo at your event. For our recent Plannertech event, we asked everyone to take out their phones and take a selfie. We had them share it on Twitter or Instagram using our hashtag so we could collect them all.
  • Provide people education on technology. If you want people to tweet, send them links about what Twitter is, how to set up an account and how to tweet in their confirmation email.
  • Try Vine or Instagram video at your event. It’s awesome!
  • Create a Facebook album of funny marketing images and encourage people to share. This promotes your event, but also adds a great visual component.
  • Make sure your website is responsive, meaning it works well for your attendees online and on the go.
  • Work with your sponsors to create video content that is shareable on your website. This promotes them long after the event and also keeps your content active.
  • Ask speakers to blog for you once a quarter over the next year so you can keep your content fresh and continue to promote them.


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