3 Event Lessons I’ve Learned Planning #SHESummit

Over the past several months, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being the event planner behind S.H.E. Summit Week – an entire week of events designed to inspire and empower women. We’re working with amazing partners to host over 100 pop up events around the world – everything from beauty to fashion to entrepreneurship to technology. The entire week culminates in a 2-Day conference featuring amazing speakers like John GerzemaGloria Feldt, and Manisha Thakor and topics like The Disruptors: Secrets of Women Innovators and Collaborative Disruption: How to Rock the System, Birth a Business and Restore Humanity to the Planet.

It has been a wild ride. And my point of this post is not to tell you all the juicy details since you can see that all on the website, but rather to talk about the 3 event things I’ve learned so far at only the 1/2 way point of the event.

Sometimes as event planners we focus a lot on the content and networking. Just yesterday I read an article that said it’s the only reason people attend events. But actually, I’ve learned that the mission of the organization is just as important. You have to have people believe what you say and truly want to be involved in your movement. Whether they are brand fans or devoted to a common cause, having this alignment with mission helps sell tickets, integrate sponsors well and create a better overall event

This one I already knew, but S.H.E. Summit Week has reminded me of the importance of an intense focus on your brand. When planning an event, you have to make sure the design of every little thing – from small signs to lighting – fits well. You also need to make sure that the speakers, sponsors and attendees also reflect your brand and allow you to extend that brand through every aspect of the event. When people attend your event, they need to feel your brand everywhere.

One of the things that most impresses me about our client, Claudia Chan, is that she is the embodiment of her brand – Dreaming and Doing Big. When we started planning last year, we had only 10 weeks to pull off the entire event, but she always had her eye on the prize. This year, we’ve brought in amazing sponsors like Wello, Dermalogica, UN Foundation, Wall Street Journal and more. It’s a good lesson that you need to think big and go after the gold – you never know what might work out for you!

And finally (you know I had to add this one in), people will ALWAYS register at the last minute! :)

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