Don’t Settle for the Dune Lake by @JennG_

While at the beach this weekend enjoying the gorgeous Gulf Coast with its pristine, blue-green water and white sand, I couldn’t help making an analogy to meetings.  The weather was perfect and umbrellas were lined up for miles with families soaking it all in.

Our section of beach, however, had a dune lake that took up a portion of the beach. Cars were allowed to drive almost to the shore, and vehicles with the right permits and 4-wheel drive parked surrounding the dune lake with tailgates. A large majority of the beach’s patrons actually faced the stagnant (brown) lake where so many children played they had to navigate around one another.

Granted, this dune lake was safe. It was probably warmer and more comfortable than the still early-summer temperature of the ocean. Parents didn’t have to keep as close an eye on the baby-pool depth the kids played in or worry about the under-tow of a body of water with no outlet.

All my friends and I wanted to do was scream with arms raised, “Turn around! The glorious, blue ocean is right behind you!”

The ocean might be big and unknown. It might be new and require more attention, but settling for the safety of complacency might be keeping you from experiencing the excitement and triumph that comes from trying something different. If you have ever used the phrase, “We’ve always done it like this” or “My attendees don’t like change,” you might be wading in a brown dune lake.

Turn around, take a look at the horizon and think about the possibilities for your event. Even a toe in the crystal-clear water is better than being waist-deep in a murky dune lake.

How do you keep your event fresh?

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