Here It Is: Your Biz Dev Silver Bullet

Whether you’re contemplating how to change up your big event or grow your business, everyone seems to be looking for the silver bullet. As a culture, we like formulas. We like to buy books, listen to speakers, and go to conferences just to find the one thing we need to do to be successful. We are willing to do a lot of things to be successful, as long as it all fits into a formula that we know will work. Where a lot of people get thrown off is the fact that there really isn’t such a formula for success out there.

But I have good news. There is a silver bullet.

When we think of the silver bullet, we think of the one thing that works every time. Our tendency is to assume that this would be a formula, but actually, it’s a lifestyle. Whenever I read about the most successful businesses or see some of the most interesting events, there is one thread that ties them together – innovation.

Only those who really challenge the status quo and do everything in their power to make old things new again can be successful. Many successful entrepreneurs find themselves with the most success after tweaking an existing product to make it better, more branded, and more accessible to the public. Sometimes it’s not coming up with a genius idea, it’s coming up with a way to innovate and make it better.

How do you become an innovator? Constantly look at areas for improvement. Don’t be satisfied with the same thing year after year. Learn constantly. Read books, magazines, watch interviews, talk to everyone you know about what they are doing. A wider breadth of knowledge is a great backing for an innovative mind.

There’s also a piece of this that relates to your mental state. Many people ask me how I hold down so many projects and businesses. It’s simple. I don’t let myself become that crazy workaholic who never sleeps. Instead, I spend time with my family and friends and organize the rest of my time as wisely as I can so that I can maximize my output. Sometimes it takes me a little while to get back to your email, but that’s because I need that balance in my life. If the content can wait, so can the email. Too often, we work ourselves to death and wonder why we can’t innovate. Your mind needs creative space. Spending time with family and friends, or even on your own doing something you love, is a great way to energize yourself and leave room for the creativity you so badly need. Coming off the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m especially refreshed and excited to tackle many new projects.

Of course, with every great idea comes the need for perseverance. Not every great idea comes out perfectly the first time. Sometimes, it takes tweaking. Other times, it just takes good old elbow grease and time. When you come up with a way to innovate your business, commit to that change for a set period of time. Give it time to really work itself out and see if it starts to change things. For people who are trying to start a social media presence, I always suggest that they try one thing for three months straight. This can feel really monotonous, but it does take that long to really start seeing the fruits of your efforts.

You see, there is a formula for success. The part no one wants to hear is that success comes differently for everyone. Sometimes it takes more hard work than others (I do believe in luck), but with the right amount of innovation and perseverance, you can find your way. Maybe being open to life is really all you need to turn things around.

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