Identifying your Company Brand for Event Professionals: Part One by @MallaHaridat

How do your clients describe you?
Why do they do business with your company?
What are the words that someone would use to introduce you to someone else – if they just met you 10 min ago at a networking event?

Think about these questions for a minute. If I lined you up with 5 other professionals in your field, what would make your business stand apart from theirs? Before you answer this question too quickly, take a moment and think about three things that make your company and its services different from other event professionals. Would someone outside of the events profession understand why these are valuable to their needs?

If you are like most, this is tough activity. Hence why I decided to blog for a few posts on how to increase your ability to find, secure and maintain your clients – a business development 101 crash course for event professionals. The goal of this info is to help you increase the number of interested individuals and companies who work with you.

The first step is defining what you and your brand stand for and developing a message that reaches your target customers.

So before you start thinking about:
– Do I tweet 5x or 10x a day?
– Should I spend $2000 on new fancy marketing brochures?
– I think I’ll attend this industry conference for $5,000 and sponsor a booth in the expo hall.
You need to think about how you are currently positioned.

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