Identifying your Company Brand for Event Professionals: Part Two by @MallaHaridat

Here are some tools to get you started on uncovering your company’s brand.

Step One – Review your current marketing materials and identify three words that distinguish your brand. Now think about three stories of events that demonstrated how you were able to deliver on each of those words. For example, if you are known for thinking outside of the box– share your story about the traditional luncheon fundraising event where you incorporated some new elements that wowed the crowd. It was a success in the client’s eyes because you added something new yet still brought in the development dollars.

Step Two – Examine each of your stories for the problem that you solved for your client. Did you really provide “excellent service”? Or did you “eliminate the worry and last minute preparation?” What is more valuable to your client? A common industry buzzword or the fact that their staff could now spend more time on their regular day to day jobs?

When you are thinking about the value that you provide, you’ll make the most impact if you are speaking in your client’s language. Yes, I know you like to take care of every detail and ensure every napkin is folded properly. But how does that help the client? If it makes the difference and became an event where everyone felt valued and wanted to return – share this benefit rather than just the pleasure you gain from organizing.

Step Three – Attend an industry networking or conference event. Listen to the buzz words that are repeated again and again in elevator pitches and introductions. Listen to what is NOT being said. Consider how your services stack against the competition and think about what you could be offering that you are not.

This is a tough exercise because you have to be very objective in order to genuinely HEAR what others are sharing. You might attend an event and just record the pitches you hear – before doing any evaluations.

Step Four – Reach out to former clients and get feedback or testimonials. If you have several that are willing to share why they chose your services and what value they received from them, you can often get some buzz words about what’s important to their needs.

Often it’s something that you did without even thinking about it – something that came naturally for you. But was critical to why they wanted to do business with you and would or would/not refer you for business in the future. Pay attention to the critical feedback they provide as well. This can be very helpful to understanding areas that you’ll need to improve to increase the value for future clients.

Let me know what works for you in the steps outlined above and any questions you have. Happy Event Planning!

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