LKE’s Top 3 Event Planning Blogs

I love when I stumble on a blog that inspires, educates and makes me laugh. Though there is a ton of content available on the world wide web, most of it is garbage. Regurgitated, old and uninspired. So when I find the exact opposite in a blog, I become devoted. Today, I wanted to share the top 3 blogs I visit because I know they always have great content. If you follow them, I’m sure you will love them as well! Of course, I follow many other blogs and I’d love to learn about more so if you know of a great blog targeted at the events industry, please leave it in the comments section below!

MidCourse Corrections
Every time I read this blog, I find something I can implement into my events or business. Jeff Hurt and Dave Lutz write consistently amazing content that will inspire you to do better for your event attendees. Covering topics from presentation design to meeting formats, this is a great read every. single. time.

Event Manager Blog
Written by Julius Solaris, this blog covers a bunch of event technology – my favorite topic. Of course, there are many other event-related topics to indulge in – inspiration, social media, technology, planning and more. Luanched in 2007, this blog has been producing great content ever since.

I love this blog for it’s educational value and feisty-ness. The headlines grab your attention and the content keeps you tuned it. The blog is authored by Keith Johnston and covers topics such as event management, social media and the integration of the two worlds.

In the future, I’d love to collect a longer list of event industry blogs. If you author one, or have one you LOVE to read, please leave the link in the comments.

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