Tired of FEAST or FAMINE Sales? by @MallaHaridat

Are you tired of “feast and famine” sales in your event planning business?  I’ve got just the strategy for you to find ways to market your current events and land new clients – in the midst of keeping track of ALL of the details and operations!!

The brainstorm: A friend emailed me recently to promote an upcoming event where she is the featured speaker.  Unlike most of her events, it was open to the public.   I thought it was a smart strategy for her to invite her email list to share in her presentation and potentially land some new clients.

Now if you are thinking – I missed it.  What’s so special about that?  No worries.  Her marketing was very subtle – but I would argue powerful in keeping her company name top of mind.

Here’s how you implement her idea to help market your event planning business:

1. Keep your email lists current
Do you attend networking events or meet people who might be interested in your business?  Of course you do.  But if you are like most, you don’t know what in the world to do with the business cards once you get home.  So I recommend asking them on the spot if it’s fine that you add them to your event newsletter for update of events that you are hosting.  (And if you really want to go the extra mile – send them something free in exchange).  If you sense any hesitation – DON’T add them.  But if they seem fine with seeing photos of your past events and finding out what you are doing – then add them when you get home to your current email provider.

Two categories I use regularly are “Entrepreneurial friends” and “Prospective Clients”.   This makes it super easy to email them when the opportunity arises.

2. Pre-Promote
Every month look at your upcoming events – both those you are managing and those you’ll be attending.  If the events are public (even if there is a nominal  fee), send them out to your network.  I recommend personalizing them as we all get hit with wayyyyy too many events and often want to know – why should I attend?

3. Capture photos and social media highlights
Yup in the midst of the logistics and managing the event – set a goal to capture TWO photos and send two Facebook or Twitter messages.  That’s all.  I know I know. It’s easy to get caught up in the details but one of your most important details needs to be YOUR business promotion.  So spread the word while you are dressed in your best and can feature the quality of your work.

4.  Post-Promotion
Write a blog, send a tweet, update your social media and/or email everyone.  Even if you couldn’t attend (or capture photos), there is no reason why you can’t share with everyone how successful the event was.  It’s a great way to stay top of mind.

This won’t end your feast or famine sales overnight.  But it will keep you top of mind for your clients.  And I promise that whenever you least expect it, you’ll find prospects reaching out to YOU for potential new events.

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