Your Event Technology Demo is Boring

As someone who absolutely loves event technology, I have the pleasure of learning about a lot of companies who are making headway in the industry. From mobile applications to online communities to registration systems, I have earned a great vantage point over the industry. And, for the most part, sitting through demos is a really great experience. I enjoy giving feedback, asking questions and seeing where companies innovate. But today’s post is for all of you event technology companies out there who are not leveraging your demos in the way you need to. Your demos are boring, one-sided and unproductive. So, here are a few tips.

Do Your Research
Before you call a planner and ask them to learn about your product, do a little research. Find out what type of events they do, what they are known for in the industry – check LinkedIn and see what kind of common connections you have. When you send the initial email, reference these things you know about the person. Then, in the early part of your demo, make sure you ask them to describe themselves and their company. You will always get a better view of the company from the CEO or Founder and that will help you a ton during the demo.

Use Your Knowledge
Your product is cool and it does some amazing things, but sharing every feature is not the way to a planner’s heart. Think strategically about how this particular planner would likely use your product and show them the relevant components. Make sure they are aware of all the features that will make their job easier.

Go Above and Beyond
Don’t just show them events that are totally different from what they do. For many planners, you need to do a mock up of an event they host – let them really see what it would be like. I’ve had a few event tech companies do this for me and it really makes an impression. Especially for planners who are not tech savvy, you’re likely to lose them if you use abstract examples.

You’ve put so much work into creating a product that will innovate our industry. Make sure that your initial exposure to planners is well-planned and intentional. Make sure everyone you talk to becomes a huge fan of your product, and you’ll see the returns down the road!


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