Behind the Hustle: Janine Just (@janinejust)

With her technological savvy, industry knowhow and envelope-pushing public relations techniques, Janine Just embodies the boundless energy and style that New York City is all about. Just, who has lived in NYC for 10 years and boasts seven years of professional experience in PR, is the Chief Connectologist of her eponymous PR/Social startup firm, Janine Just, Inc., bringing online, offline to further the conversation.

Prior to building her own business, JJ co-founded and acted as the former managing partner at The Blaq Group, a boutique consulting firm where she headed successful marketing endeavors with local restaurants, bars and venues. Her first years in the industry were spent working for East Coast Saloons, where she rose to the rank of Regional Director of Marketing. Throughout her career, JJ has championed countless campaigns with a range of clients, including Citigroup, Vapiano, and Macbar. She’s also responsible for a spate of memorable local activations including Blogger’s Night Out and the Foursquare Battle for Mayorship of Delicatessen with Baratunde Thurston.

Within her industry and her ever-growing network of professional connections, clients, blogger partnerships and notables, JJ has fostered a glittering reputation for herself as a master of marrying innovative digital and social techniques with strong foundation traditional marketing foundations, for truly unforgettable campaigns with endless potential.

The world knows me as: JJ  (Fact: My name was supposed to be Tracey Just since my Dad didn’t want people calling me JJ, sorry Dad).

I have also been known to respond to the name: Janine – but very rarely.

My professional superpower is:  Connecting

The #1 thing people can hire me to do is: “Social Relations” Taking traditional PR tactics and combining Social Media Campaigns to further quantify your overall audience reach.

I’m most passionate about: Making sure the youth of America have an abundance of successful women to epitomize. Unfortunately today, we are a celebrity obsessed culture with Reality Starlets being recognized as what we should aspire to. I think we need to highlight and bring more attention to the Jessica Lawrences and Rachel Sklars of the world. It’s actually more rewarding to get ahead in life with using your own brilliance.

The technology that I wouldn’t want to live without is: Perhaps more of a functionality, but the “silence” button on my phone. While it’s important for me to stay connected to everyone and everything, it’s just as important for me to disconnect as well. We all need to find that appropriate balance with our work and personal endeavors.

The app I use most obsessively is: Unfortunately, the New York Post App is constantly getting refreshed.

The most innovative use of event tech I’ve ever seen is? – Well, I actually incorporated this for an event we did (thanks TJ for the find). By using a specific hashtag to publicize a campaign or event experience,  it aggregates the content in your Instagram feed,ie, #techsytalk. You can then print out those “Instaphotos” right on the spot. Even better, you can brand the background of the prints. Hello Sponsors!

My go-to guilty pleasure food is: Anything with sugar. All the time. I can’t cut it out.

The thing that always gets me to laugh without fail is: Minions. I don’t know what it is about those yellow guys, but they simply make me giggle. Yes, I said giggle. I still need to go see Despicable Me 2, any takers?

One thing that would really surprise people to learn about me is: I’m a hip-hop dancer, no, not professional, just for sport.

Connect with Janine:
Twitter: @janinejust


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