Long Beach Convention Center

{PHOTO BLOG} Beautiful Decor Ideas from Long Beach Convention Center

Last night, I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of the best events I’ve seen in a while – the grand reopening of the Long Beach Convention Center. After being brought in as a social media influencer, I was encouraged to enjoy the event and absorb all I could about it. While writing blogs was not required, I have several ideas lined up post-event that I can’t wait to share with you.

As you can see from the pictures here, the decor was simple and beautiful. From flowers to lighting to a 150 foot red carpet, you were absolutely immersed in an environment that was emotional, beautiful and raw. This was the first time I’ve used Instagram in such a big way and I’d encourage you to check out my account for MANY more pictures. I’ll be sharing more about the education, entertainment and my experience as a social media influencer in upcoming posts, but please take a moment to enjoy the decor before I dive into all of that!

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Decor - Long Beach Convention Center


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