Takeaways from “Throw a Bitchin’ Event”

I recently read the Picatic ebook “Throw a Bitchin’ Event” (if you haven’t already, you really should). It’s a quick 15 minute read with some great pointers and tips about event marketing and ticket sales. While there were a ton of takeaways, I thought I would recap the 3 top lessons I learned here and hopefully you can download the book yourself to read through. (It’s free. And no, this is not a paid endorsement). I just thought I would share since it was interesting and inspiring and I thought there were some good takeaways that should be shared more widely.

Ever come up with an amazing event idea, put together all the pieces and then just sat there waiting for a single ticket to sell? What are you doing wrong? Perhaps you aren’t doing enough to engage your warm market – your pre-market. Those who’ve attended your events in the past, the influencers in your network, even family and friends. Always start with this group of people to get your tickets sold right up front. Offer incentives and engage this group early and often.

The most painful part of any event marketing strategy is seeing that people actually land on the ticketing page … and then leave without buying a ticket. What a waste!! Make sure that your event website and ticketing pages are engaging, show lots of images and great testimonials. Make it so they will buy on the spot and not leave to “think about it”. Getting a new user to your site is the biggest challenge – getting them to buy is your responsibility so you can optimize those leads.

Of course, Picatic is a crowdfunding platform so they spend some time talking about their platform. However, I don’t hold it against them since it’s a really great way to test an event concept before you get it off the ground. The basic concept of event crowdfunding is that you set tickets on sale and set a goal. Let’s say that the first 50 tickets sold with be discounted by 40%. If you sell those tickets in the first 3 weeks of marketing, you’ll hold the event. If not, you cancel it. This helps you see whether or not you will be able to get the crowd you need. If not, you can cancel without any fees or penalties. If so, you’ve rewarded your loyal warm market and are set up for a successful event.

To read more from Picatic, download their free ebook!


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