Bored Attendees? Spice It Up!

Even the best planners have been there – you put together an agenda that’s compelling and interesting and you look into the crowd to see your audience staring back with blank faces. Or – sometimes the content itself isn’t interesting enough and you just need to get through it. Whatever the case, it’s not okay to leave your audience bored! Here are some fun (and easy) ideas to spice up the energy level at your next event!

MUSIC BREAKSMusic has a special power over the soul so break out some tunes once in a while. Or – take it to the next level and encourage your attendees to get up and dance! We did this at a recent event and people really got into it. More importantly, we saw a drastically improved energy level!

Encourage your attendees to do something WITH you. For example, get them to post a silly face on Instagram using your event hashtag. Ask them to tweet something on the spot or pin something to Pinterest! If they have technology in front of them (smartphones, tablets etc.), that could be contributing to the tuning out. Instead, embrace the tech for something good – redirect what people are doing and get them engaged in the event again.

Get people moving so the blood gets flowing. Perhaps mid-day is the perfect time to work in a “give-back” component to the event where people build something or work on something together. Getting the blood flowing also gets the energy flowing back in the room as well!


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