Behind the Hustle: Adam Brown (@sirclemedia)

Adam Brown is The Founder and President of Sircle Media, a Social Media Strategy Firm based in New York City. He has worked in and around digital marketing since 1999 and has held various positions on both the client and vendor side. This has given him tremendous insight into how these relationships work best, which has allowed him to develop a keen understanding for what businesses really need. He takes this expertise and knowledge and applies it to his clients each day.

At Sircle, he works with brands and businesses to help them navigate through Social Media and all of their other digital needs. The Internet is a constantly evolving medium that is nearly impossible to keep up with, especially while trying to run a business. Adam and Sircle Media help clients do both simultaneously.

Adam’s writing has been featured on websites such as Social Media Today and The Salesforce Marketing Cloud and he regularly teaches classes on Social Media in New York City.

Specialties: Social Media, Startup Strategy, Social Strategy, SEO and SEM, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Digital Branding.

The world knows me as: Adam Brown

I have also been known to respond to the name: Adrock (Old School Beastie Boys Fan) and DooDoo (Don’t ask)

My professional superpower is: I have been told many times that I am an incredible salesman, but I am never sure if that is a compliment or insult 🙁

The #1 thing people can hire me to do is: Help them communicate more efficiently and effectively online

I’m most passionate about:  My Integrity AND Michigan Athletics

The technology that I wouldn’t want to live without is: A little California based company named Apple and their products. I think they are going to do some great things.

The app I use most obsessively is: STARBUCKS not even a close second (#addict)

The most innovative use of event tech I’ve ever seen is? At my niece’s Bat Mitzvah (of all places) Real time Instagram photo booth being displayed on LCD’s all around the party. It was very cool and as a result the booth line was more crowded than the dance floor.

My go-to guilty pleasure food is: Burgers and Fries are my kryptonite.

The thing that always gets me to laugh without fail is: John Candy movies really get me every time.  Guy was epic.

One thing that would really surprise people to learn about me is:  I cannot jump rope. For some reason that causes hysterics every time it comes up.  I know it is super lame, but don’t mock me for it 🙁

Connect with Adam: and

@sirclemedia (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram)


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