All of your APP problems solved… Appetizers that is!

Dilemma 1: You have a popsicle in one hand and a prosecco in the other, but you really want to grab the last Ooey Gooey Blackberry Butter Bar on the tray.
Solution 1:  Drop that popsicle upside down in the glass of prosecco and quickly snatch that last savory delight before your Aunt Shirley even stands a chance!

Dilemma 2: Too much bacon??? (as if that’s a problem)
Solution 2:  Guacamole Bacon Bites, Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Bacon Chicken Bites, Candied Bacon, Bacon Egg Cups.. and if you still have left over bacon just throw it on the table and voila.. problem solved.

Dilemma 3: You are experiencing bacon guilt.
Solution: First, put down the bacon! Then pick up a Bite Sized Greek Salad or drive a fork into the Fresh Fruit Watermelon Bowl as you make your way to the dance floor to burn off those extra calories!

Need more ideas? Check out our new Pinterest board filled with Delicious Event Bites!

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