Top 5 LKE Blogs of 2013

It’s that time already – time to recap some of the best stories from 2013. Below are the top 5 stories written on the LKE Blog in 2013. Enjoy!

2 Things To Consider When Trying a New Event Tech Product
At this point, it seems that all event planners are doing what they can to integrate technology into their events – either because they are genuinely interested or because their clients are forcing the subject. But – there are HUNDREDS of event tech products out there and figuring out which is the best for your needs is incredibly challenging. In this post, I’m going to talk about the two most important things you need to consider before signing on that dotted line for any event technology.

What Makes You Unique? Creating a Strong Personal Brand
Whether you are job searching, looking for a promotion or running a business (or pretty much anything in between), it’s becoming more and more important that you have a strong brand. Between our tweets, Facebook posts, blogs and LinkedIn accounts, we are putting out little snippets of who we are all over the place. And whether you believe it or not – people are starting to piece together who you are. They don’t have a full picture because they only see you once in a while online, but they make assumptions about what you are good at, what makes you unique and why they want to interact with you based on everything you say and do online.

Follow Me Back! How to Get People To Follow You Without Asking
We’ve all been there. You get a direct message on Twitter that simply says “Hey – I just followed you. Follow me back!” Does that work for anyone? Have you ever received that and then immediately followed that person? Have you sent that to someone else and then seen your following rise? I won’t doubt that it does happen, but I would seriously doubt that there is much engagement and relationship happening in this exchange.

3 Steps to Creating a Killer Proposal for Your Client
For most event planners, writing a proposal is one of the most challenging parts of your job. When it comes to executing an event, we can do it with our eyes closed, but writing it up in a way that sells a potential client is quite a challenge. Today, I wanted to share my perspective on the most important components of your proposal. If you have other things you like to include, please share them in the comments section and we can use this as a resource for our industry

LKE’s Top 3 Event Planning Blogs
I love when I stumble on a blog that inspires, educates and makes me laugh. Though there is a ton of content available on the world wide web, most of it is garbage. Regurgitated, old and uninspired. So when I find the exact opposite in a blog, I become devoted. Today, I wanted to share the top 3 blogs I visit because I know they always have great content. If you follow them, I’m sure you will love them as well! Of course, I follow many other blogs and I’d love to learn about more so if you know of a great blog targeted at the events industry, please leave it in the comments section below!


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