Crafting Your Message by @JennG_

No one knows your organization’s history better than you. No one cares about the product you’ve created more than you. You know every highlight, every important detail and every challenge your conference faces.

But that doesn’t mean you can tell your story better than anyone.

The passion you have for you organization can drive a strategic vision, concept the right theme and get the right speakers on stage to motivate attendees. But will it draw a captive audience to attend? Does your membership understand the organization’s purpose, vision and the messages its trying to convey?

Successful communication is paramount to getting the right message to the right audience through the right channels. Entrusting that task to an outsider—whether it’s a member of your communications team, a PR agency or a journalist—is not easy. The media might twist your words, a Tweet could be taken out of context or a reporter might not highlight what you think are the most important aspects.

Developing talking points is a great way to take control of your story and accurately communicate your message across all channels, whether that’s through your own social media and marketing or an outside channel like the media.

Here’s how to get started:

1.     Think like a reporter. Develop a list of questions people ask about your brand, organization or conference.

2.     Work backward. Answer your questions with supporting information, facts and anecdotes about your conference.

3.     Narrow down your message. Select three reoccurring points that accurately convey who you are, why you exist and what you do.

4.     Drive it home. Some channels will require you to expand on those points and others to hone in on one, but all communications—from a representative being interviewed to an email marketing piece—should be based on those key points.

Having a passion for your organization’s product, service or message is a great place to start. Funneling that passion into well-defined, clear communication will help the rest of the world understand and share your passion.

What brands do you think best communicate who they are, why they exist and what they do?


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