Five Key Considerations in the Selection of a Corporate Event App Vendor BY @GenieConnect

Any corporate event will have considerable impact on the host’s brand, yet, event organizers often select their app vendor without reference to the larger considerations that will determine the success of the outcome. Asking yourself these five questions will help to ensure that you make the right app vendor decisions.

1. Is there sufficient breadth of functionality?

Are you able to configure the look and feel of your app to conform to your brand guidelines? Are you able to enhance engagement through pre and post-event surveys and live polling?

2. Is your vendor appropriately resourced to offer the support you need?

A robust Implementation Methodology will minimize problems. If anything does go wrong, a dedicated Account Manager will quickly understand and respond to issues while local support is essential for rapid problem resolution.

3. Are appropriate security measures built into the solution?

If the content at your event is confidential, ensure your systems are inaccessible to prying eyes in a manner that is compliant with your existing information security policies. It might also be helpful to segment materials based on e.g. seniority in the organization to restrict access to more sensitive information.

4. Are analytics and post-event evaluation part of the package?

You’ll want to know what worked best – which sessions were the most highly attended, which speakers the most highly rated, and which topics generated the most engagement. An experienced Account Manager can sit down with you after the event to evaluate its success and share best practice.

5. Are multi-device and multi-platform capabilities built into the solution?

Event attendees will be bringing tablets and smartphones which might be running Windows, Apple’s iOS or Android. You’ll want to be sure you can support all of these devices and platforms – or you’ll have some very unhappy attendees!

The app is a critical part of the attendee experience and, if you bear the above in mind, you will make an informed choice of app vendor providing you – and your attendees – with a rich and rewarding experience. Choosing an app vendor can be a long and time-consuming process and asking yourself these six questions will ensure that it is not an experience you will have to go through again anytime soon.

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