Five Reasons why Sponsors should care about an Event App by @GENIECONNECT

If you’ve invested in an event app, the quickest way to demonstrate a return on that investment is to use it to drive sponsorship revenues. Here are five arguments you can make to sponsors.

1. It’s extremely popular with attendees

The more complex the agenda, the more people use an event app: at Expos, around 30-50% of people will download the app: at conferences, app uptake is between 60-80%. At corporate events, where delegates may be instructed to download the app, usage is typically 90-100%.

2. A list attendees are most likely to be using it

The attendees whose attention exhibitors are most anxious to attract are the ones using the app.

  • Planners who want to maximize the value they get from an event;
  • Social attendees who tend to be natural networkers and are invariably agents of influence;
  • Event regulars for whom events figure prominently in the buying decision process; and
  • Serious buyers who have money to spend and an urgent requirement to meet.

Clearly, sponsors need to use the app to get their brand and message in front of these people.

3. The app is what delegates use to help them decide what to do

Delegates use the app at breakfast or on their way to the venue; during sessions or breaks; or when navigating through the venue. Sponsors should take advantage of the app’s ability to deliver access to these delegates when they are actively planning their next move.

4. It’s most frequently used to access exhibitor information

Users access the app, on average, between 10 and 15 times per day! And more than two thirds of enquiries concern exhibitor information. An app banner makes it easy for delegates to find sponsors.

5. It’s at the heart of an attendees engagement with an event

Delegates use exhibitor and session info for research and the customized agenda to plan their time. They use interactive floor plans for information and directions; and scheduling capabilities to set up the meetings. The app should be the centerpiece of sponsors’ engagement with attendees.

In conclusion, app banner space is real estate every bit as valuable as physical space on the exhibition floor and is a huge opportunity for sponsors to: create multiple touch-points with the most important attendees; engage with them when they are most likely to be planning their next appointments and; increase the value of their participation at the event.

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  1. The app which helps both you as an organizer and delegates attending your event is what I would call an ideal mobile app for events. So, next time you look for an event management application, don’t forget to check whether the application you want to choose is helpful for both you and your attendees.

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