We Pinned It: Event Escapes

With the heart of winter upon us and many layered in blankets of snow here in the northeast, we totally understand your need to thaw your mind out with thoughts of surf, sand & sun.  For this feat, we invite you to journey on over to our Event Escapes Pinterest board.

 *In order really embrace this tropical paradise, may you be adventurous enough to put down that mug of hot cocoa and, instead, replace it with a cool, refreshing raspberry mojito and let your imagination wander to a destination of your choice.  Remember the world is your oyster… (chili, lime and gin marinated oyster that is).

In the Palm of Your Hand

Ahhh, palm trees swaying in the breeze while you’re sipping on a Malibu Bay Breeze  and admiring the tropical oasis you’ve just finished creating for your guests.  You look to see the table is covered in palms, bright flower petals floating in fish bowls, and seashell place card holders.  The leis are perfectly draped over the wooden chairs with each seat holding an ultimate beach swag bag.  Go on, take another sip and soak it all in.

Surf’s Up

After catching one last wave, invite your guests to enjoy the catch of the day.  For starters, take that shrimp off the barbie (Aussie lingo for those who choose the Land Down Under for your mental getaway), wrap a snow pea around it and add a splash of sweet chili sauce.  Now, head on over to the taco station with a salsa bar and load up that plate.   You may want to refresh your taste buds with one of the many 101 drink options before delving into the dessert.   There’s always room for dessert especially when it’s a sandcastle cake!



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