5 Benefits of Greater Uptake in your Event Solutions by @GenieConnect

An event app is only a good idea if your attendees are going to use it; after all your investment needs to return value for you and your stakeholders. Getting greater uptake in your solutions can create more value across your event with five demonstrable benefits.

1.    Monetization

Your event app is an additional platform to create sponsorship revenues, but you have to guarantee to your sponsors that it will be worthwhile for them to part with their budget – and prove that you have done so by bringing them the right results.

A high number of attendees using the app results in greater impressions and more views of your sponsors’ adverts: by offering them more for their money, you generate higher-paying sponsors.

2.    Returning Attendees

Giving your attendees an online portal to plan their agenda, send messages and set up meetings with fellow attendees allows them to have a clear view of what they will achieve at the event. Supplying a mobile app helps them use their saved information on-the-go, write notes and find their way around.

This all results in the most effective use of time for each attendee: with better returns on their attendance, they will be more likely to come back next year.

3.    Drive Desired Behaviors

With a well-used event app comes the opportunity to drive behaviors in your attendees using gamification. For example, if a goal for your event is to drive communications and networking between your attendees, then incentivize them to send messages and set up meetings. Use a leaderboard in the event app to track the competition and cover it on Social Media throughout the event to maximize participation.

4.    More Insight

The greater the usage, the more comprehensive and valuable is the insight you can achieve. You can analyze the types of people at your event, their interests, what’s popular and what isn’t. This comes into its own when planning your next event.

5.    Personalized Experience

Along with enhanced insight comes the added value of building a profile of each and every one of your attendees. The more use they make of the event app, the more they show you their interests. You can use this personal information for your email marketing and push messages, to serve them up the most relevant and interesting collateral about your event.

All of these benefits can only be realized if your attendees are using your event solutions. By planning and implementing a marketing and launch plan for your technology, you can increase engagement and uptake from your attendees.

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