We Pinned It: Easter Decor Ideas

Eggs, easter baskets and passover are some of the holidays we celebrate this week. So – in the spirit of bunny-hopping, we’ve pinned some easter decor ideas.

Pastel Party
Whether it’s the yellow tulip centerpieces, your blue tongue after finishing the popsicles egg or Uncle Ted’s pastel pink pants, there’s no escaping these soft shades during the Easter celebrations.  Instead of avoiding it, embrace it by wearing an Easter egg design manicure while painting the party pastel!

Hippity Hop
Transform your guests into human bunnies by tying bunny tails around their waists. Then let them hop down the trail (metaphorically, let’s not push it since you already have them wearing cotton tails) in search of the endless Easter egg desserts.  Or they may find the to-die-for carrot cake or sparkling carrots with a surprise inside desserts to be more appetizing.



  1. Jessica Loomis

    I use Pinterest all the time for inspiration for any type of events I am planning it is definitely a great tool!

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