We Pinned It: Cinco De Mayo

We put the PIN in piñata with our array of ways to use those colorful, candy filled animal figures.  Who wouldn’t get a kick out of striped, burro piñata sugar cookies bursting with candy? Or get even more ambitious by making a piñata cake filled with an assortment of treats? If baking isn’t your thing, use the papier-mâché candy container as flower holder. And if that’s not enough, we even share how to make mini piñatas from toilet paper tubes.

Fiesta until you Siesta!
Before taking those sombreros to the dance floor, first use them as festive décor by hanging them off the chairs or couple them together to make a standout centerpiece. If you really want to get practical, turn that sombrero into a salsa bar by filling the wide-brim with nachos.  It makes for the perfect to-go snack when the Mariachi band sounds the tunes of the Mexican Hat Dance… Ole!

Salud! (w/margaritas in hand!)



  1. Jessica Loomis

    These are some great ideas for a very fun and playful Cinco De Mayo celebration! I am definitely going to try to make these for this upcoming weekend’s celebration!

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