Your Guide to the New Twitter Profile for #Eventprofs

For anyone who follows social media, you will know that Twitter does not change very often. And while there is certainly a social media war going on between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of the other networks out there, it seems that they are all differentiated in at least a few different ways. For example, Facebook has always been the better site for images and personal connections. Twitter, however, has always been more effective for link sharing and getting to know new people. At least that’s in my experience. However, last week Twitter changed the game a bit and put out some very interesting updates to their profile. Here’s all you need to know to make your new profile stand out and to maximize some of their new features.
The look
The first thing that you will notice is that Twitter now looks a whole lot like Facebook. It’s amazing because what most people love about Facebook has now become a bit easier to do on Twitter. The most prominent change with the new profile is the cover photo. I would recommend putting a picture of a great event on your cover photo or perhaps a philosophy about your company that you want to share. Dynamic pictures are always great. One of the challenges about Twitter in the past was that people wanted to represent their brands, but it was always recommended that your profile picture remain more personal. With the new cover photo, you can use the large picture to share your brand while the profile picture can remain more personal. I use my headshot for my profile photo and a screenshot from our website as our cover photo.
Photos and Videos
One of my favorite changes about the new Twitter profile is that photos and videos are now much more prominent. Found just under your cover photo, users can click on your photos and videos to pull up images that were otherwise impossible to find. As event planners, this is a great tool. This means that the more we tweet our pictures and videos from events, the easier they will be to find. Historically, I haven’t posted many pictures on Twitter because the link simply wasn’t attractive enough, but this new feature means that we all need to embrace photos and videos a bit more when it comes to Twitter. Thankfully, that means that our integrations between Instagram and other video sharing apps will be more useful. If you weren’t already embracing photos and videos of your events, now is the time!

Pin to the Top

Want to highlight a particular tweet? Now you have the ability to pen a tweet to the top, just like you can on Facebook. You can click on the more menu on any tweet and select “Pin to your profile page”. Now, that will be the first thing people see when they come to your profile. This does mean that you need to manage it and not leave posts that are out of date, but it also means you now have the opportunity to highlight things that were otherwise difficult to find.
Thankfully, for all of us Facebook users, the Twitter profile is pretty easy to get used to. I think there are some very interesting ways that event planners can use this new profile to our advantage and would love to hear your comments about how you are using the new profile. Of course, with any rollout there are a few features that people don’t love as much, but hopefully these few tips get you to embrace the better features of Twitter’s new profile.


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