{Ask the Techxperts} @dotBrooklyn Launches with A Fashionable Party

This series is dedicated to learning from event experts on various topics. We cover event technology, meeting design, and much, more more! Today, we are pleased to interview TEGHVIR SETHI, Founder of .BK.

First of all, please tell our readers about .BK – what is the company all about?
At .Bk, we’re breaking all the rules of the fashion industry. And, after over 35 years in the industry, we know all the rules. We’ve parted ways with seasons, mass production & hyper-macho branding. We replaced them with monthly, genuine storytelling.

.Bk is a Brooklyn-based menswear startup that releases monthly limited edition collections around a specific lifestyle & story. Poetically enough, our launch collection is dedicated to the ‘Startup C.E.O.’. It features ten hand-numbered, luxury button-down shirts at a run of 100/each. The designs will never be repeated. We create unique, immersive events and produce high-quality video, photography & literary content around the story.

What were the 3 keys to getting the company off the ground – where did you invest your time?

Product: Normally, factories require a minimum 3000 piece order; we’re making 100. It took us months to create partnerships around the idea. Now, we’re the only company in the world that can produce short run luxury apparel at an affordable price. We don’t create moodboards & throw around lofty abstractions when we discuss our designs. Instead, we walk a mile in the shoes of our stories through interviews & research. Once we make a decision, things move fast: 30-40 days from concept to shipping.

Customer Experience: At .Bk, we don’t try to convince our customers that our basic white Oxford is better than other brands. Hell, we don’t even sell basic white Oxfords. When a customer purchases from us, they know that only 99 other people in the world will have that shirt. We sought to create a unique customer experience that reflects the one-of-a-kind nature of our products. Our website intersperses narrative & product. Our content encourages critical, intellectual discourse. And our hand-numbered shirts appeal foremost to personal expression & style.

Culture: Contrary to popular opinion, not all men need to be told how to dress (see monthly box programs) and menswear isn’t about whiskey & cigars. Our culture changes month to month, so we started creating a culture that both staff & audience could share in. We value personal style, experimentation & innovation, and try to reflect it through the way we operate. Building the culture meant spreading the word, starting relationships with diverse perspectives, and understanding what’s possible.

How do you use events to expand the reach of your brand?
Release events are an exciting opportunity for us to immerse our audiences into our story. Our upcoming event & pop-up shopThe Inventor’s Garage, includes 3D printing, inventor showcases & DIY handkerchief making (from our fabrics). Not to mention a garage grooming station, plenty of shed aesthetic and a few surprises here and there. We’re holding an invite-only launch event specifically for founders in tech, design & other creative businesses. For the latest news on .BK, sign up on our website http://www.dotbk.com/.

What is the coolest use of technology you’ve ever done for your brand or events?
I’m most excited for the inventor showcases & 3D printing at the late-May Inventor’s Garage event. The environment is designed to inspire creativity & collaboration in a raw setting.

Finally, what is your favorite app?
Junaio is one of the weirdest, coolest AR tools I’ve seen yet. I’m incredibly excited for the future of augmented reality, not just for online retail. Other than that, I’m currently addicted to 2048.

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