Event Tech of the Week: @confuiapp

Today, we’re talking about Confui



Company/Tool Name: Confui Pty Ltd – and the platform/product is also called Confui
Website: http://www.confui.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/confuiapp


What is the “problem” that your tool seeks to solve?

Let event planners easily deliver event content to their delegates via a beautiful and user-friendly mobile app that is native, brandable and affordable.

What is the best audience for this tool? Corporate events? Social? Other? Large? Small?

Corporate Events, Conferences, Seminars, Award Nights, Expos.
It can suit any event size both large and small.

What does your tool help event planners do better?

We let event planners easily manage their event content which we will simultaneously publish to the mobile app and their own website, saving them valuable time. Changes can be made at any time and published instantly. The app presents the content in an attractive manner, encouraging use and engagement.

How is your tool different from/better than the competition?

  • Our event apps present content beautifully, and is simple to use and navigate around.
  • We let event planners publish their content simultaneously on their website (without complex coding) to halve the effort in maintaining content.
  • Our backend is simple and easy to use.
  • Our native apps can provide seamless web integration with any web-based app (e.g. ticketing, polling / quiz, other website)
  • We can easily distribute PDF content which can be leveraged for lead generation (eg. download a PDF ebook for an email address).
  • We feature first-class Twitter integration
  • We support in-app and at the door session ratings.
  • Our product is great value for money. We have a solution to scale to any meeting of any size – from a single event app right through to a multi event app. From public meetings right through to private meetings.



What is the single coolest feature of your product?

This is based on real customer feedback. Organisers have told us that they love the simultaneous publishing feature – it literally halves the effort to maintain content. Delegates have told us that they love the straight forward design and presentation of content.



This weekly series spotlights a new tech tool that is designed to help make planning events much more seamless. Whether it’s using event software to track every detail from start to finish or mobile apps that deliver content to attendees’ fingertips, these technologies allow planners to divert their stress to more critical issues like deciding which napkin color looks best.



























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