Data is Like Water, It Needs to Flow Throughout Your Pipes! by @etouches

Do you realize that in old times people used to carry water in a jar collected from a river or a well? Today now you just have to turn the tap and it flows.

So many opportunities came from the modern water network like a dishwasher, ice machine, and even hot tubs! Now that you have the technology, would you really go back to picking up your water from a river?

Guess what, when it comes to information or data, the technology is here as well. Don’t manually carry your data from one point to another (let’s say Excel is your water bucket), make sure you have robust integration that can help you to figure out what data to distribute and where.


Today your environment or ecosystem is made up of several technologies, and they all need to talk to one another: event management software, email marketing solution, CRM, CMS, accounting software, etc. You can’t afford to manually download and upload information.Make sure you systems integrate with each other.

Most importantly, look for vendors that offer a robust API (application programing interface – in simple terms, a program that helps you to retrieve information from software to insert it in another) and integration built with your ecosphere.

On top of that, there are some great products (for advanced users) like jitterbit or Scribe that offer comprehensive integration layers to already lots of software, facilitating the data management.

We are living in a world of information and technology, so let’s design it properly. Then we can all focus on something even more important:  delivering great human experience at events!


  1. Or a tailored-made solution just for your company, which, in my humble opinion, is more private, as you don’t share your databases with anybody else.

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