We Pinned It: 4th of July Celebrations!

Blue Denim Do Over:
From the Wild West days to today, denim jeans have earned the right to be called our national uniform.   So to honor that, blast Springsteen’s Born in the USA album while taking scissors to that old pair of too tight jeans hiding in your closet.  Who knew that every inch of denim could be transformed into festive décor, arm belt for serving dish, cuffs for napkin rings, scraps for a wreath and pockets for a flatware holder!?

Stripes & Stars Galore:
Nothing says (or smells) American like a homemade sweet cherry pie! … you can even add a further touch of patriotism by topping it off with hand cut stars & stripes.   If that’s not enough to show your true pride then check out the red, white and blue chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapple star shaped sangria, or best yet, make Sara Lee proud with perfecting her star pound cake recipe.


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