{Ask the Techxperts} Marco Gilberti jons the Board of Directors for @DoubleDutch, Bringing 20 Years of Event Experience

This series is dedicated to learning from event experts on various topics. We cover event technology, meeting design, and much, more more! Today, we are pleased to interview MARCO GILBERTI.

Can you please tell us more about yourself, your background and what you hope to bring to the DoubleDutch team?
I’m an entrepreneur and active angel investor in early stage tech companies. I have over 20 years of experience in the event industry – I’ve organized over 500 trade shows and conferences all around the world. I worked with Reed Exhibitions, the world’s largest global event organizer, where I was partner and president of Reed Exhibitions Latin America.

I’ve participated in various different event tech initiatives, and I honestly believe that tech should and could be the best possible partner for any event organizer. Joining the DoubleDutch board is a great opportunity to work with very talented people who are passionate about event tech. I think I can bring a new perspective to the team with my knowledge and experience in the events industry.

Where do you see events having a role in the growth of a business?
Events play a huge role! For customers exhibiting at events, face-to-face lead generation is a unique marketing opportunity that really helps grow business.

Events are are changing fast, mostly for the better, as new marketing and tech tools are only increasing the ability to identify new buyers. Good event organizers are incorporating these tools that help their events attract the right visitors and buyers and put those buyers in front of the right exhibitors and sellers in order to do business together.

How can data be used in growing a brand?
Data is a key component for pre-, mid-, and post- event strategy. Having access to more and better information about prospective visitors and their specific needs from the event is critical. With that kind of data, brands know to touch base with those visitors and are able to keep growing and capturing market share.

What is the coolest use of technology you’ve ever done for your brand or events?
Well, I’ve used a lot of cool tech tools for events over the years- the list is too long to name just one. But I am very passionate about working with event matchmaking technology. Right now at DoubleDutch, we’re working with very clever people to improve the way people connect at events through our mobile apps.

Finally, what is your favorite app (other than DoubleDutch)?
Of course DoubleDutch is my favorite mobile app! Though, I also am a fan of other companies like Picatic, which minimizes risk for event organizers by offering them a crowdfunding tool to capture enough interest, sales, and commitment for their event before they formally launch.

But it’s hard to choose a favorite. I’m very happy to collaborate with the SISO innovation Battlefield where we identify early stage tech initiatives disrupting the events industry. Through that collaboration I see all kinds of very clever ideas and apps executed by fantastic entrepreneurs.

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