Survey: What Keeps Planners From Adopting New Technology by @ChadKaydo

In a new survey by The X Letter, 84 percent of event planners say it’s important to guests that events and meetings incorporate the latest technology.

While 42 percent said it was very important, another 42 percent said it was somewhat important, and no respondents said it was not at all important. Fourteen percent said new technology was just a little important.

The survey is part of a new trend report, “The Next Tech Trends for Live Events & Experiences,” published by The X Letter and written by Chad Kaydo, the former editor in chief of BizBash.

Survey respondents also agreed on the leading factor keeping them from adopting new tech solutions: 77 percent named budgets or costs as a factor. Fourteen percent said their event team is resistant to change, while 37 percent said management or clients were resistant. (Respondents could choose multiple answers.)

Some planners admitted their own reluctance as well: A quarter of respondents admitted “I don’t completely understand what’s out there,” and 12 percent said their own fear of potential problems was a factor. Twelve percent also said current technology isn’t up to snuff.

The report also explains 10 big technology trends changing live events, including virtual reality, beacons, N.F.C./R.F.I.D., Big Data, and real-time attendee analytics. It also lists seven things that event planners want from technology now, including better integration of planning tools and the next generation of event apps.

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