10 Things to Include on Your Event Website & App @SignUp4


If you want a killer combo of mixed media, you must create a harmonious balance between your event website and your event app. Well-designed websites and apps will be the Robin to your Batman. Regardless of your desired event objective, your content areas should act as a support tool to enhance the participant experience. You’ll want to include the following elements and design.

1. Consistency

Develop clear, consistent content on both the website and the app. To ensure uniformity and accuracy you’ll want to have a designated group of proofers. Also, keep the theme and branding consistent. The participant should feel confident they’re about to register for and then navigate the correct event.

2. Personalization

Your event website’s registration process should carry over registrant data into the attendee app. Sharing things like personal travel itineraries and hotel reservations will ease your attendee’s worries and set the tone for the remainder of your event.

3. Contact Info

This is critical, especially for your event website. I cannot keep count of how many times sites have offered no additional contact information, which is extremely frustrating when something isn’t working properly or you have a question that cannot be found in the FAQ section.

4. Maps

If there’s any chance your attendees will have down time, it’s only kind to provide them with what’s happening around them. Include dining options on varying levels, entertainment venues, and hotel properties for any last minute guests. Transportation is another user-friendly category. Pinpoint bike or scooter rentals, local street cars, trails, etc.

5. Video

It’s the easiest and most preferred way to consume content. Highlight last year’s show, this year’s guest speakers and sponsors, and add live streaming video direct from the event for those who can’t attend. Remember to keep it short and sweet – you might get 1 minute of full attention.

6. Agenda

I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but keep it clean with an organic flow. Obviously your awesome agenda is what’s going to pull them in and your event app agenda is what’s going to help keep them on track and happy. With personalization, you can also send reminders or personalized schedules of sessions for which they’re registered.

7. Profiles

Do you have event “regulars” who attend multiple events? Make it easy for them by allowing for profiles within your event management system. Creating a log-in feature on your website and app will allow personalized info to carry over. Who wouldn’t love a speedy registration process with pre-populated data?

8. Social

This one is fairly obvious but it’s a must-have. Build, maintain, and continue the conversation through tweets, photos, videos and hashtags. Take advantage of the opportunity to create free buzz, get attendees networking, promote contests and after your event share exciting highlights.

9. Sponsors

It doesn’t have to live as a main navigation tab on your event site, but within the drop downs, include a Sponsor section highlighting your industry leaders. If your offering different package levels, some sponsors may get recognition as the registration sponsor or app sponsor or special event sponsor so be sure to include at least logo placement where agreed upon in their contract terms.

10. Clear Navigation

No one wants to scroll through long pages of content. Make use of your primary navigation and add child pages within the main content areas. It’s better to have drop downs in your menu for fast finds. Be sure to group those sub-menus under the correct categories and ask others within your organization to test your site/app. If you must have long pages of text, be sure to offer anchor links which will allow visitors to go “back to top” or navigate to specific sections.





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