To Event Tech, Infinity, and Beyond! by @AlonAlroy at @Bizzabo

Here at Bizzabo, we recently announced an exciting growth milestone that not only makes us happy, but should make everyone in our industry thrilled! Since launching in 2012, we’ve worked with over 4,000 professional conferences and events around the world while compiling over 30,000 speakers and 9,000 sponsors on our platform. These numbers, while super exciting for us, are a thrilling representation of the progress made by the meetings and events industry as a whole.

In recent years, conferences, meetings, events and tradeshows have all been given a technological facelift and learned to embrace the evolving event technology out there. However, we still find ourselves with those who prefer to “throw it back” rather than transition to new and sometimes seemingly-intimidating uses for technology.

Our benchmark demonstrates that many event organizers, whether large or small events, benefit significantly from the adoption of the right event technology. 5 million events are held each year with 512 million attendees[1], not to mention 25% of most marketing budgets are spent to facilitate such experiences[2]. These numbers show the staggering importance of the meetings industry and the opportunity technology has to strengthen it.

Working with so many diverse professional events, we’ve seen first-hand the greatest areas of opportunity planners can capitalize on. For instance, simply integrating a mobile agenda and networking platform can keep attendees instantly informed and integrate a whole new layer of attendee engagement while collecting necessary event data for the organizer’s analysis. With the growth, increased accessibility, and diversification of event technology, small events can now benefit from the exact same technologies that large enterprise events are used to. In fact, with more technology available the more affordable and scalable it becomes.

Today, through event tech platforms like Bizzabo’s, event organizers can make their events engaging and interactive for attendees with in-app messaging, polling, and social media integration, all while applying real-time analytics to achieve the perfect event experience. Event organizers are craving the ability to see just how successful an attendee campaign is, deliver sponsors measurable results, and increase their ROI. Each and every event generates a large amount of data- organizers can now use it to make smarter decisions.

Whether events are large or small, corporate or educational, there is an event technology for you that will make life that much easier and your attendees experience that much better.

[1]Frost and Sullivan, “A Survey of Meeting and Event Planning Professionals and Hotel Operators”

[2] MPI Foundation, “Event View: North America”

By: Alon Alroy, Co-Founder and CMO of Bizzabo

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