Check-in App @zkipster Launches Social Media Add-On “zSocial”

Tool Enables Hosts to Seamlessly Connect to Guests via Twitter Handles and Hashtags

zkipster: “We turn a social media reality into an engagement opportunity for hosts”

NEW YORK, NY – zkipster, the most-reliable, fastest guest-list app on the market, today launched zSocial, a new digital tool that allows event planners to seamlessly integrate their brand and event’s Twitter handles and hashtags into the event itself.

The new feature allows event hosts to connect social media influencers from their guest lists to event-related social media channels at the moment they check-in – maximizing social media engagement without distracting from the event.

Hosts currently struggle to promote their Twitter handles and event hashtags at events, using onscreen projections and notes in event programs. Not only are these attempts often disregarded, they actually compete for attention with the actual event itself.

zSocial helps event hosts overcome this challenge and extend the brand experience at the same time, directly connecting guests to defined Twitter hashtags and Twitter handles.

Event hosts are able to send tweets to guests on his or her smart phone after they check-in through zkipster, thanking them for participating and providing them with information about hashtags and key event promotions.

After the event, zSocial then allows hosts to monitor and pull reports on social media interactions regarding their event. This feature also monitors the amplification that occurs through the activation tweet sent to each guest. zSocial currently works with Twitter and Instagram, and will be available for zkipster clients worldwide on September 1, 2014.

“zSocial is a game-changer for the event industry. We have taken a reality – that everyone is constantly on their smart phones – and turned it into an engagement opportunity for host,” said David Becker, co-founder of zkipster. “Instead of guests searching social tools, zSocial personally connects influencers with Twitter handles – capturing maximum attention both at the event and on social media.”

“A great event engages guests online and off, reaching the people on site and their friends around the world at the same time,” says Philipp Triebel, co-founder of the exclusive member platform IvyConnect, who ran over 200 events with zkipster in the past year. “zSocial increases the opportunity for social media savvy guests to engage by seizing the moment when they are excited the most, when they attend the event.”

The new digitial tool comes just weeks after zkipster introduced zPrint, which allows guests to check-in and receive their name tag or find their seat location all before they even set foot in the venue. The add-on feature is complimentary with the Brother QL-Series available in retail. In addition, zkipster offers event planners printers for rent.


About zkipster

zkipster is the industry’s fastest, most-reliable guest list app for non-ticketed event check-in at premieres, galas, promotional events and conferences. It’s the first check-in app compatible for iOS, Android, Windows 8 platforms – offering secure real-time guest list management for marketers, public relations and event professionals. Since the company was launched in 2009, more than 2 million guests in 60 countries have checked in with zkipster, representing a total of over 2 million event check-ins globally.


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