Healthy Meetings Just in Time for the New Year @SignUp4

According to the Center for Science in the Public interest, studies show a strong relationship between the physical and social environments of the workplace and the health behaviors of employees.

We spend over half of our days in the office and hours in meetings, event off-site conferences. How often have we grabbed a doughnut or danish for a quick sugary fix? And I know I’m guilty of not making the healthiest of choices after a long day in and out of sessions or trainings. We know there are smarter options, but are they being presented to us?

Event professionals are constantly being challenged to offer the most personalized, memorable attendee experiences and a new component of this superior experience is supplying healthier options. From small, working lunches to multiple day events, healthy options will energize your audience and demonstrate your commitment to your attendees’ well being. To learn more about healthy eating and access free resources like guides and tool kits, visit CSPI’s resources list.

Beyond smarter food choices, events can include physical and mental exercises as well as Stay Well hotel rooms and Stay Well Meeting rooms like offered at MGM Grand as mentioned in an article by SmartMeetings. These converted rooms offer advanced air purification systems, circadian lighting, hypoallergenic cleaning products, ergonomic elements, a hydration station, aromatherapy and healthy menu options. Also included in the programming is …

•    Mental activity and brain teasers: exercises that stimulate creative thinking and strategic approaches to problem solving, as well as activities to engage the hands to help release tension
•    Guided meditations: periods of silence and meditations in quiet areas to provide relaxation and rejuvenation
•    Digital detox: intervals throughout the day to disconnect from technology
•    Physical activity breaks: voluntary breaks to allow participants to be active for a short time
•    Wellness moment kit: a box of items containing a variety of mental-acuity exercises to improve attendee engagement

So how will you incorporate healthier options into your 2015 strategy? Healthier vending machines like offered in Marriott properties full of salads, sandwiches and snacks made with local ingredients. Provide fitness tracking wristbands to encourage more activity. Small steps in the right direction will result in happier attendees, smarter decision making abilities, and more successful meetings

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