We Pinned It: Screaming for Halloween

It’s the one time of year when it’s socially acceptable to step into the dark side so why not take advantage of this rare occasion by bringing the ghosts out from the closet.

Dust it off:  Instead of having your old books (preferably by Edgar Allan Poe) sit on the shelves collecting dust, put them to good use by tearing out the pages to create eerie banners.  Or if you prefer no not rip out the pages, carve pop-out ghosts in them instead.   If that’s too much trauma for your prized dust-collectors, then you may want to just stick with stacking them up and covering in spider webs.

Chalk it up:  Gone are the days of chalkboards for classrooms, but hello to the days of chalkboard paint for events. Cover the pumpkins, candleholders and even the whole side of your wall with the ‘old school days’ paint.   Your Halloween party will be screaming fun… if not, just drag your finger nails across the chalkboard hanging above the Dracula martini bar and that will do the trick…  (or treat)!



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