.@Topi Launches Beaconnected Program

Networking mobile application developer, Topi, announces a turnkey program bringing beacons and networking together to build communities at meetings and events.

Topi is pleased to announce the launch of Topi Beaconnected: Turnkey Interactive Experience.  Topi fully integrates beacons with its networking app providing event organizers with an easy-to-implement solution for check-ins, scavenger hunts, collection of traffic data or any “beacon-triggered” actions such as sending out a survey, playing a video, or displaying a custom message.  With this program, events get full use of Topi for audience engagement and content management.

Beacons are small transmitting devices that communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an upgraded version of the Bluetooth technology that has been used to pair phones to headsets and other devices for several years. Beacons allow targeted messages to be sent to people at the right place and time. Through the strategic placement of beacons combined with opt-in setting in Topi, participants can receive information on their smartphones and tablets that can improve their experience.

Beacons are a relatively new technology and Topi is making it easy to implement by providing a package that includes the software (the app), the hardware (the beacons), and assistance with how to best use beacons for a meeting or event. Beaconnected works on both Android and iOS platforms.

David Aubespin, CEO of Topi says “We see tremendous potential for the integration of beacons and events. It’s important to us that we make it as easy as possible for the meetings and events industry to adopt beacons. By packaging the technology and creating a seamless buying experience, we hope to see many events get creative with how they use beacons to enhance the attendee experience.”

For more information
David Aubespin, CEO of Topi, is available to answer questions the Beaconnected program at david@topi.com.

About Topi
Topi was launched in December 2012 by CEO David Aubespin, a former Google engineer.  The company was named after a “fast and highly-social antelope.”  With the concept of networking in mind, Topi’s mission is to enhance the mobile experience for all event attendees by unlocking interactions in new ways and eliminate the use of name tag overflow.  The Topi application also includes standard features such as event schedules, maps, speaker information, etc. For more information, visit topi.com.


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