@Hellonoodle Set to Speed Up Winter Awards & Events with New RFID Registration and Table Numbering Tools

Event technology company, Noodle Live has launched a suite of RFID tools designed to streamline registration, manage session check-in, control access and provide table numbering info. The technology is quicker than barcodes/scanners and has the bonus of being able to collect documents using the same badge.

Attendees don’t need an app for any of these functions, just the smart badge or ticket issued to them.

The Tech City based company hopes that many events organisers and venues will be able to take advantage of the innovative technology to improve attendee experience at events and awards dinners in the run-up to Christmas.

Noodle Live director, Clemi Hardie said:
“When it comes to the awards season, the only headaches should be the morning after! As a guest or an organiser, you want a smooth experience – as well as a bit of excitement and fun – with Noodle Live’s RFID system you’ll get all three.

Our swipe points streamline the arrival experience, helping guests to avoid the usual crush around the table plan, reducing queues and leaving more time for champagne and Christmas puds. Organisers have complete flexibility for changing table plans up to the very last minute and can capture valuable data about who attended the event.

You can reduce staff costs too, we recently seated 950 guests in 50 minutes with just 2 staff!

All of our systems are modular, so if you’d like the swipe points to act as a document collect point as people exit the event, we can do that too. It’s a great way to share information about your organisation after the event, give them a digital goody bag and remind them what a great night they had!”

Full site management is included as part of the service and Noodle Live provide event organisers with a post-event report from their event, detailing who attended the event, which sessions they took part in and what they collected, all complete with job title, company and – if provided – an email address.

The new products are standalone and do not require the use of an event app. Packages start at just £950.

Clemi Hardie added:
“We’ve been bursting with excitement about these new tools! We’re working on some super cool events already, from financial services awards to bar mitzvahs and we can’t wait to hear from some more.”

Visit www.noodlelive.com for more details about Noodle Live’s RFID registration, table numbering and document collect tools.

About Noodle Live
Noodle Live is an event technology company and consultancy – brings a seamless experience to events, conferences and exhibitions using a combination of mobile applications and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) smart badges to streamline information sharing.

For more information please have a look at our product video or visit www.noodlelive.com facebook.com/noodlelive

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