Getting Food Trucks at Your Next Event by @sean_ae

Have you considered using a food truck for your next event? Or considered hosting an event based around food trucks? Food trucks are incredibly popular right now, for good reason, because they sell amazing food and have large followings.

Food trucks are an added bonus for ticket sellers, because they can result in more ticket sales (the trucks often promote where they’re selling on a particular day and people will attend the event because they’re fans of the truck). You typically see food trucks at block parties and festivals but they’re also great for corporate events and private parties – one of the best things about food trucks is the huge variety. A good rule of thumb is one food truck per 500 hungry people.

If you’re hosting a larger event invite multiple food trucks, play some music and really get the party going. I’ve out lined some ways to organize trucks at your event, so you’ll know what’s right for you before you even talk to the truck owners.

Include the Price of 1 Meal in the Ticket

This is perfect if you’re inviting one food truck to an event. Talk with them beforehand and set a price for a selection of menu items (don’t forget vegetarians). Be sure to include the info in the ticket information or guest might be wondering why your tickets are more expensive than usual. The truck can also have a regular menu for guests who want seconds.

Create a Sample Plate

If you don’t want to include the price of a full meal in your ticket you could negotiate a ‘sampler’ plate with the food truck. They can create a small plate that they give to guests for free or a nominal fee included in the ticket price ($1 or $2). Most guests don’t notice the small increase in ticket price and will appreciate getting ’free food’. And the truck will make money from people who want more great food!

All You Can Eat Tickets

Have a separate ticket type that includes ‘All You Can Eat’ at the food truck. Guests who don’t want to take advantage of this can still get a cheaper ticket (and buy food at the event).

Give Guests ‘Coupons’

This is perfect for corporate or promotional events. Give each attendee a ticket for the truck to use like cash. This will increase the cost of your event but it can still be cheaper than catering, and is definitely more unique than some pizzas and sandwiches. Guests will be impressed by the quality of your event.

Pay the Trucks

If you don’t want to pass any food costs onto your attendees, pay the food truck the entire cost of the event. This price will be based on how many attendees are coming and how long the event runs. This is perfect for private events where you don’t want to worry about attendees having to pay for their own meals.

Food trucks have busy schedules, it’s important to get in touch long before your event so you have time to hash out all the details. Make sure you have a contract with the food truck that clearly lays out the terms of who will pay for the food and all of the details (I like to include a clause that gives the event organizer one free meal!). Some trucks require a guaranteed minimum payment so make sure to ask beforehand.

If you do use a food truck at your next event I’d love to hear about your experience, let me know in the comments!


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