You’ve Got Video Content From Your Event. Now What?! by @catchtalktv

After months of preparation, your event has drawn to a close. Turnout was high, the speakers captivating, and – most importantly – the attendees left satisfied. A success in anyone’s books. However, this is when the fun work really begins.

Marketing the video content produced at your events is not that difficult and can go along way in encouraging industry professionals to attend future events. Discovering video content is not a problem, so getting people to watch your videos is the real challenge. Here are a few tips to help you spread the video content you’ve collected at your event to extend the reach of your brand!

There are three groups of people you need to target.

1. Attendees – a satisfied customer is your best marketer. Thank them for attending, share any content available from your event and ask for a referral. It also helps to create a survey and get their feedback on what was good and what needs work for the next time. Ways to reach them:  Email, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Groups and speakers tweeting and sharing their talks socially.

2. No-shows – Reach out to those who signed up to attend but did not attend. Give them a look at what they missed. Ways to reach them:  Email, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIN Groups and speakers tweeting and sharing their talks socially.

3. Everyone else. Who do you know who might benefit from your content? Be discerning – the last thing you want to do is spam people who won’t find it relevant. Quality always wins over quantity. Ways to reach them:  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN Groups & SEO.

We have found that speakers are great advocates of your event and its content (as they are in it) so why not ask them to tweet and share their talks with their network and community.

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