techsytalk’s Epic Guide to Event Tech Trends in 2015: WEARABLE TECH

Welcome to 2015. Another year filled with promise and potential. An opportunity to re-organize your life and get back on top of the game before the year takes over. Like many event planners, you’ve probably resolved to figure out this “technology” thing that everyone seems to be talking about so I’ve put together this guide to help you understand some of the big trends to be on the lookout for in 2015. I’d recommend taking a bit of time this month to research a few of these topics and see how you can implement some of them at your upcoming events. Forcing yourself to test out new technology trends is the most effective way to get the experience you need to make technology a driving force in your life and your events.

We will be featuring a new trend over the next few weeks to inspire you.



Some people believe that Google Glass is going to take over the world, but in my opinion, the way wearable technology is going to impact our world is much simpler. With more accessible wearable tech taking over like FitBit, Apple Watch and NFC-enabled devices, planners will see greater interaction at their events thanks to wearable tech. I don’t envision a world where we’re walking around seeing virtual reality signs and social notifications out of the corner of our eyes, but I do think we’re going to see a lot more in the realm of payments on the go, faster social media updating and more picture/video taking.

Our Techsy Tip: Don’t get too overwhelmed by people who are talking about Google Glass and futuristic wearable tech options. Yes – those things may impact us in the future, but getting overwhelmed by them is not going to help you or your events. In reality, any changes towards virtual realities supported by wearable tech will take time to catch on. By the time they do, you’ll be fine. In the meantime, focus on smaller changes that you can try at your next event to accommodate some of the more popular forms of wearable tech.

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