Mobile Event App Leader @DoubleDutch Launches New Features to Increase Event ROI

DoubleDutch, the leading provider of mobile event applications, launches three new features to increase revenue and lead generation opportunities and enhance the attendee experience at live events.

Location-Based Messages:

Event organizers can now use cutting edge beacon technology to send important and timely messages to attendees’ mobile devices. This allows organizers to welcome people to their event, promote sponsors and exhibitors, make announcements and send relevant information based on location and proximity to a beacon.

These messages can be targeted and specific because they will only reach individuals that are nearby. This ensures that the right people are receiving the right information, enriching their experience and enabling organizers to continue to connect with them as the event progresses.

Lead Retrieval with Notes:

DoubleDutch has created a new and improved version of its Lead Retrieval feature embedded within the event app that allows exhibitors to take notes about potential customers to maximize lead generation opportunities.

Exhibitors are already using Lead Retrieval to scan the QR or bar code on attendees’ badges and capture their information for post event follow-up. But when exhibitors are scanning dozens of leads it is often difficult to keep track of important details about prospects. Now, once an exhibitor scans an attendee’s badge, they can add notes to the entry, ensuring they are able to reach out to them in a personalized and strategic way to increase chances of lead conversion.

Personalized Activity Feed:

The DoubleDutch activity feed helps event attendees stay on top of their agendas, providing them important, time-sensitive information. This feature is now more personalized than ever before, and the activity feed will be tailored to the individual to keep relevant content top-of-mind. For example, attendees will receive a reminder 15 minutes before their bookmarked session begins letting them know what their next session is, when and where it will be, and how many people are attending. This information is pinned to the top of their activity feed in the app, ensuring they have everything they need to be prepared and get to their session on time.

“The DoubleDutch product roadmap is closely aligned with the needs and pain points of all event stakeholders – organizers, exhibitors and attendees,” said Lucian Beebe, DoubleDutch VP of Product. “Location-Based Messages allows organizers to communicate directly with attendees in a nuanced and tailored way, Lead Retrieval with Notes helps exhibitors capture important prospect information without ever having to leave the app and the Personalized Activity Feed greatly enhances the attendee experience at events.”

All three features will be demoed at PCMA Convening Leaders Conference in Chicago today. If you are attending the event, be sure to stop by the DoubleDutch booth.
Press Contact: Elka Looks,, 650-646-1987 About DoubleDutch:

DoubleDutch is an award-winning provider of mobile event applications, with a unique focus on capturing and surfacing data from live events. The first to bring a data-driven technology approach to the event industry, DoubleDutch customers include Cisco, UBM, Lowe’s, PwC, Novartis, and Estee Lauder , and more. Thrill attendees and demonstrate event ROI with a branded DoubleDutch app.

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