Weemss – Privacy and Event Localization In An Age of Globalization

Weemss is changing the way event organizers handle event registrations and ticketing through an innovative new concept based on market localization and user independence. If you want to target your market with more precision and be in complete control of your event, the communication with attendees and your event’s income, Weemss might just be that long awaited solution.

To Weemss Every Market Matters

Event registration and ticketing in Weemss can be set-up in over 40 languages and you are able to accept payments in more than 160 currencies through various local and global payment processors. The team behind Weemss is continuously adding new languages and popular payment processors for markets around the globe.

Complete Independence and Privacy

The software gives event organizers the full freedom to decide on whether and what particular and automatic emails to send to attendees and by what rules. All emails sent through Weemss are from the organizer’s own email address. It is the organizer who is always in control of the communication with attendees and the content, tone and language of that communication.

Tailor-made Event Marketing and Registration

With powerful marketing tools and best practice selling techniques at the click of a button Weemss gives a customizable way to increase sales according to the organizer’s exact needs. The Weemss registration and ticketing form integrates seamlessly into any website and is 100% responsive on all devices.

Your Event, Your Payments

The software offers a variety of payment methods so that the organizer is able to pick the one or ones that are popular in their market and work best for them. All payments go directly to the organizer’s account whether its bank, Braintree, PayPal, 2Checkout, or other. None of the payments go through the accounts of Weemss, so there is no delay in receiving your attendants’ registration fees.

But wait, There is Even More Privacy

With the Weemss privacy policy organizers retain 100% ownership of their participant metrics and data, meaning Weemss does not require attendees to register with the software and they do not contact, spam, or market to your attendees.

Weemss is already gathering momentum in the event industry and that trend is set to continue as the team continues to perfect the software’s localization and features, so that organizers can work more efficiently and sell more tickets.


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