3 Tips to Channel Taylor Swift in Your Event Marketing

Taylor Swift has been all over the news lately and I think there’s a lot we can learn from her for our event marketing. You may think she’s just a singer, but she is owning social media and inspiring brands around the world to engage differently with their target market. So what can you learn from her?

Just recently, a viral video went around the interwebs showing a cop singing along to Taylor’s song, Shake It Off. The public really enjoyed seeing this “diva cop” dancing and singing along to her song. But what made this such a win for Taylor is that she responded. She sent out a simple tweet acknowledging the video, making her fans feel completely loyal to her. All it takes is a little direct connection responding to, and appreciating, your fans. Rather than always sending out direct marketing messages, do what you can to respond to your fans in a timely manner and acknowledge their connections to you.

According to Swift, the days of autographs are gone. With selfies taking the world by storm, Taylor spends much more of her time taking selfies than she does signing autographs. Clevver News recaps her thoughts on social media and it’s connection with artists. Event marketing has changed.. a lot. If you’re still marketing your events the same way you did in 2001, it’s time to change things up. Getting to know your target market and their behaviors is the first key to successful event marketing campaigns. Talk to your audience when and where they communicate and you’ll be much more likely to be successful.

One of the most detailed social media campaigns that Taylor has done in recent months is this gift-giving video. Taylor makes a list of some of her most loyal fans and buys them gifts for the holidays. And this wasn’t just a mass-mailing. She picks out gifts personalized for each and every one of their likes and dislikes. She even differentiates between Channukah and Christmas gifts. If only event organizers would make a bigger effort to make this kind of authentic connection with their target market, selling tickets would be a lot easier.


  1. Love this, Liz. Particularly how relevant these tips are for any business, not just event planners. One of the things she does is create a sense of authenticity with her fans by sharing laughs and attitudes,

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