Event Tech of the Week: @incharged

Today, we’re talking about: InCharged




Company/Tool Name: InCharged, LLC
Website:  http://incharged.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/InCharged
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/incharged

What is the “problem” that your tool seeks to solve?

InCharged solves two problems: the universal need to keep mobile devices charged beyond the capabilities of current battery technology, and the increased difficulty marketers face while trying to reach an overstimulated audience. By seamlessly attaching a marketing message to a genuinely appreciated cell phone charging service, brands are able to engage their targeted audience in order to develop that crucial relationship and increase customer lifetime value.

What is the best audience for this tool? Corporate events? Social? Other? Large? Small?

InCharged cell phone charging stations can be found at small business gatherings and large festivals alike. We offer custom solutions for a wide variety of clients, ranging from corporate meetings of a dozen executives to social media events with thousands of attendees. Attaching a marketing message to a service that fills the universal need for a charged cell phone is a tactical marketing move which has been proven to increase brand affinity for a wide variety of businesses.

What does your tool help event planners do better?

When your attendees are huddled around the solitary power outlet in the corner of the room, they’re not engaging with your event. By providing a designated area for them to charge their mobile devices quickly and safely, you’re showing them that you’ve put their needs first. Additionally, our service makes your event memorable. By keeping your attendees’ cell phones charged, you’re allowing them to share what’s going on via email, text, and most importantly, social media – and they won’t forget that.

How is your tool different from/better than the competition?

Our cell phone charging stations have state-of-the-art technology which offers the fastest cell phone charge on the market. We also offer customized design solutions, ranging from skinning the stations with your branding or artwork to turning your existing furniture into a fully functional charging station with our technology. Our InFuse model also offers a HD video screen perfect for displaying your marketing messages in a sleek and tasteful way.

What is the single coolest feature of your product?

The coolest part of our products is that both the sponsor and the end-users benefit each other – the sponsor gets to develop a relationship with a potential new customer while the end-user gets a free cell phone charge. Everyone wins!



This weekly series spotlights a new tech tool that is designed to help make planning events much more seamless. Whether it’s using event software to track every detail from start to finish or mobile apps that deliver content to attendees’ fingertips, these technologies allow planners to divert their stress to more critical issues like deciding which napkin color looks best.


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