HOW TO: Create an Award-Winning Events Manual by @EventexCo

It’s the final week of registration for the International Eventex Awards. As they feature projects from 35+ countries worldwide, judged by prominent event experts in more than 18 countries on 4 continents, it’s interesting to look into the universal features of an award-winning event.

The organizers of the Eventex Awards have interviewed all judges (including our incredible Liz) to find out what they will be looking for when nominating the best events and event technologies in 2014.

An entry is worth awarding when:

It Demonstrates Impact
That was the main point of all judges. In order to create an outstanding event or to deliver the ultimate event technology solution, the event professional must find the perfect balance between incorporating a clear purpose, creating value, meeting client’s objectives and engaging the audience. The right targeting is crucial to reach that impact and it definitely includes a solid marketing strategy, which matches the needs of both delegates and attendees.

It’s Creative
Plan how to stand out, focus on innovation and small but influential details. Your idea was born from talent, optimism and ambition but when passion meets hard work, spectacular results are guaranteed.

There’s Measurable ROI
As a professional, you should be able to determine and measure what you delivered in terms of business, social and environmental value. Using all industry fundamentals to create the greatest ROI is what a successful project would aim for.

It’s Skillfully Presented
The concise, quality content is key to the award-winning project. When describing their work, event professionals should keep it short and simple, yet engaging and memorable. Visuals like pictures and videos are a definite must. And a helpful quote in that direction: “Good events are dealing with participants, not the event format or logistics”. You can add that to event technology as well.

You now know what it takes to be an award-winning event professional. It’s time to put the theory to practice and gain some recognition for all your hard work. If your project has the above featured characteristics, you still have 4 days to get that Eventex Award!


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