Event Tech of the Week: @signup4

Today, we’re talking about: SignUp4


Company/Tool Name: SignUp4
Website: http://www.signup4.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/signup4
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SignUp4

What is the “problem” that your tool seeks to solve?

Common “problems” event planners face, at least in our world, include lack of visibility and control as well as manual, resource-draining processes.  Most organizations don’t have the insight necessary to effectively make decisions to improve their events, negotiate with vendors and ultimately define savings and ROI.  In addition, common practices such as attendee registration, onsite check-in, delegate communication, hotel and session management, etc. are executed manually and/or with limited technology.  This unnecessary draining of resources most often proves to be more exhausting and expensive than it needs to be, especially given the technology options available in today’s market.


What is the best audience for this tool? Corporate events? Social? Other? Large? Small?

SignUp4 is a leading technology provider in the corporate meetings, events and travel technology space.  While offering a full suite of Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) solutions ranging from online attendee registration to an end-to-end, enterprise meetings tool, SignUp4’s customer base spans from emerging small businesses, to mid-market on up to Fortune 1000 organizations.

With more than 15 years of experience, over 700 customers and thousands of users spanning many industries, SignUp4 understands the value in meetings and we continue to drive innovation and thought leadership directly through the voice of our customers.


What does your tool help event planners do better?

SignUp4’s products help streamline all phases of a meeting’s life cycle.  The software affords event planners the tools needed to effectively track meeting requests and approval workflows, source venues and create RFPs, manage budgets and spend, market the event, track attendee registration and onsite activity and, finally, reconcile the event budget to find areas of cost savings, opportunities for improvement and a clearly defined ROI.


How is your tool different from/better than the competition?

SignUp4’s flexibility, customization, integration and support are often cited as primary reasons new clients make the transition and current clients continue to renew.  Our simple, budgetable, all-inclusive pricing model is also unique in our industry.  We understand event professionals are expected to do more with less.  With SignUp4’s annual flat fee, the cost of the technology does not increase in line with a rise in meetings and/or attendee registration volume.

What is the single coolest feature of your product?

Too many to name! But our event mobile app is fully integrated with our Event Management System allowing for exceptionally personalized experiences!  Did we mention those – event apps – are unlimited as well?

 Anything else we need to know?

SignUp4 has been offering technology solutions to the meetings, events and travel space for over 15 years.  Originally your typical start-up tech company in the late ‘90s, being run out of an apartment shared by our partners (who are still running the show today by the way), the organization has grown organically from day one – total bootstrap growth –  to now a widely known leader in the areas of online attendee registration, Strategic Meetings Management technology and mobile event apps.  It’s a great story, an incredible journey and we’d love to share it with you.


This weekly series spotlights a new tech tool that is designed to help make planning events much more seamless. Whether it’s using event software to track every detail from start to finish or mobile apps that deliver content to attendees’ fingertips, these technologies allow planners to divert their stress to more critical issues like deciding which napkin color looks best.

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