Harley-Davidson Data Capture Kiosks at The Motorcycle Show, Toronto © QuickTapSurvey

6 Tips to Improve Your Survey and Data Capture in 2015 by @QuickTapSurvey

Although every event is different for every brand in terms of goals and opportunities, on-site data capture is that one constant, vital metric all marketers need in order to gain insights and justify event spend.

Since everything, yes everything, can use a bit of improvement, here are some insider tips to legitimately improve your data capture strategy and workflow in 2015.


Tip 1: Choose the right data capture method

Not all platforms are created equal. It’s up to you to determine which one is right for you. Although it is 2015, paper is still largely used to collect data. For obvious reasons, this should be your absolute last resort. You could develop a custom solution, but that will devour your budget. To get the best bang for your buck, choose a mobile app.

Tip 2: Ask the right questions

We’re not going to tell you what information you should collect, because this decision is purely based on the goal of the event, as well as pre-defined measurement programs. The one thing we do keep reiterating is this: choose quality of data over quantity. Your results are only as good as the questions you ask. The more lengthy and wordy your survey is, the greater the risk of abandonment. Brevity is key in research.


Tip 3: Plan for big crowds

The motto “Be Prepared” isn’t just for Scouts. Ensure that you have enough mobile devices as well as brand ambassadors to meet your data capture target metrics. If you’re expecting large crowds, think about setting up tablet kiosks in high visibility areas. When skinned and branded, these can look pretty enticing on the event floor. They are also shown to attract crowds when tied to an incentive.

Harley-Davidson Data Capture Kiosks at The Motorcycle Show, Toronto © QuickTapSurvey
PHOTO: Harley-Davidson iPad Data Capture Kiosks at The Motorcycle Show, Toronto © QuickTapSurvey

Tip 4: Don’t use a solution that relies on internet connectivity

Unique venues like public squares and office buildings are shown to increase engagement levels, especially when the user experience is smooth and fast. If your data capture requires connectivity, ensure that you have a reliable backup plan at hand, or better yet use a mobile solution that works offline.


Tip 5: Turn your data into insights quickly

Choose a platform that takes the time and complexity out of data reporting, visualizations and trends analysis. After all, the real value in data capture is being able to act on market and information trends as they are happening. At your event, you’ll quickly want to know key data points such as how many people showed up, what they are saying and which brand ambassador is capturing the most data.

Tip 6: Save time with data integrations

We’re headed towards a future of networked connections, also known as The Internet of Everything. Choose platforms, devices and communications that connect with each other so that the duplication of effort is eliminated. For instance, when you collect marketing opt-ins using QuickTapSurvey, they are fed straight to an email marketing platform like MailChimp.

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