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Recently, we told you about TechStyle, an event held during Fashion Week that brought together fashion and technology. The event had a wonderful turnout and attendees enjoyed the chance to celebrate NYC’s fashion week in techsy style!
But just who are the brands that attended the event? What’s their take on the event industry? And what did they think of TechsyStyle? We took the opportunity to interview a few of the attendees and over the next few days will be featuring their interviews, read on for a peek inside the guests’ heads:

NamaSTAY Yoga Towels

We talked to Cherie Greenwald, Owner, NamaSTAY Yoga Towels.

– First of all, please tell our readers about NamaSTAY – what is the company all about?
NamaSTAY Yoga Towels were created in Cleveland, Ohio by Cherie Greenwald. Cherie is an avid yogi who regularly practices Power Vinyasa Yoga, which is performed in a room heated to 90 degrees, making yoga towels a necessity! Since practicing hot yoga has given her so much, she wanted to contribute something comforting and safe to yogis everywhere. She came up with the idea of NamaSTAY Yoga Towels after witnessing yogis getting distracted by their yoga towels and continuously straightening them, as their yoga towels would get “bunched up” on their yoga mats. After much research and development, Cherie is excited to offer you an innovative yoga towel that has sleeves to hug yoga mats, so it always stays flat. This patented product is made of light-weight, 100% recyclable microfiber fabric that attaches to yoga mats and always stays in place, providing a safe and luxurious surface for practicing yoga.
-What were the 3 keys to getting the company off the ground – where did you invest your time?
-Developing a quality product.
-Gathering consumer feedback. This should be #1, but first you need a product for consumers to try out.
-Spreading the word about the product.
-What was your experience like at TechStyle this year? What was your biggest takeaway?
We absolutely loved our experience at TechStyle this year! We met so many creative, interesting people who are so eager to share information about new products with the audiences they reach out to.
-Was TechStyle your first event experience?
Yes, and we hope to come back next year!
-Has social media played a huge role in bringing awareness to your brand?
Yes, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have been our primary means of reaching out to our consumers. NamaSTAY Yoga Towels uses social media extensively to advertise and connect with our target customers. Additionally, we strategically attend events, such as TechStyle NYC, to reach bloggers and media executives who can potentially expand our reach via social media, television and magazines. Additionally, such events allow for photo opportunities which are great for posting on social media and blogs to engage potential customers.
-Finally, what is your favorite app?
I absolutely love the concept of Uber! It’s my new favorite!!

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