Ask the Attendees: @ElenaMurzello

Recently, we told you about TechStyle, an event held during Fashion Week that brought together fashion and technology. The event had a wonderful turnout and attendees enjoyed the chance to celebrate NYC’s fashion week in techsy style!
But just who are the brands that attended the event? What’s their take on the event industry? And what did they think of TechsyStyle? We took the opportunity to interview a few of the attendees and over the next few days will be featuring their interviews, read on for a peek inside the guests’ heads:

Elena Murzello

We talked to Elena Muzello, author of The Love List.

– First of all, please tell our readers about The Love List – what is the book all about?

My book is entitled, The Love List: A guide to getting who you want. The book is based on a list I created when I was 21 of characteristics and qualities I was looking for in a potential mate.

– What were the 3 keys to getting the book off the ground – where did you invest your time?

Writing the book took 2 years and its taken me about a year to gain traction as its self published and self marketed. The keys to gaining marketing traction: 1) Investing money where there is high ROI (which isn’t always so clear). 2) Making meaningful connections. 3) Having a confidant to discuss ideas.

– What was your experience like at TechStyle this year? What was your biggest takeaway?

I enjoyed TechStyle, as it was a great crowd. I was the only author at the event so it was something different. In addition, the What’s Bakin’ NYC cupcakes and the Skinny Girl Sparklers were a huge win. My biggest takeaway was to be prepared that the weather might put a damper on attendance.

– Do you plan on using future events to bring awareness to your brand?

Definitely! So much fun!

– How has social media helped bring in readers?

I think I’ve definitely reached a larger audience with the help of social media.

– Finally, what is your favorite app?

Instagram! I love pictures and photos 🙂

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