Plans for New Event Tech: @SignUp4 Survey Results

Though some of you are still managing meetings manually, the majority of you are using some type of online registration software to brand your event and collect registrations. The integrations will continue to increase throughout the year because the value has proven itself. Meetings technology improves efficiency, time savings and cost savings and it is now becoming more apparent. There will always be a learning curve and a cost to play, so in some ways the change can be frustrating, but the return is huge.

Online registration software, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of tools and apps available to help both you and your attendees’ experience a more organized and personalized event. So many, that it can be overwhelming knowing where to start, what technology to research, understand what’s worth the investment (and what isn’t), and what will benefit both you and your attendees.

As a technology provider, we wanted to know from our users what their upcoming plans are for implementing additional technology, beyond our event management solution. Or at least what’s lined up on their wish list. Below you’ll see a breakdown from our latest trends survey of what your fellow colleagues are including in their meetings and events this year.

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It’s no surprise that event mobile apps are at the top of the list. Attendees expect them and it’s a powerful tool for you to improve personalization, interaction and communications. On-site check-in is another big contender. Improving the check-in process, efficiency, and time is always a challenge. Including something like SignUp4’s Kiosk tool will allow you to have designated check-in areas (staffed or self-check-in) to decrease the time spent waiting in lines. This ties into the next effort, on-site badge printing, which is also available through the Kiosk tool. The ability to print badges for those who forgot or lost them and those last minute registrants will be a major lifesaver in your on-site event management arsenal of tools. Get your attendees through the line and moving into the actual program you’ve worked so hard to build.

Lastly, travel management integration is another powerful addition to your online registration tool, but why? If you’re attendees are booking travel and hotel, you can capture everything (including payments) right at the time of registration and you won’t have to worry, as much, about those rogue attendees who like to book last minute, costing you more, or book the wrong dates, again another headache. From here you can also manage travel logistics, make necessary changes, and pull helpful reports to see who is going to be on time, determine if there are any flight risks, and again, provide the best possible attendee experience.

What are your event tech plans for this year?

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